35 years old, anglophone speaking very well in french, born in Arvida, Saguenay, he now lives in Quebec City.

Paul is a top level player of the game (the hunting game), in fact he's amongst the best in the world. But he feels the challenge is no longer there. He plays at a very high level of difficulty but he believes the thrill of the hunt is not in a game. He remembers the days when he would hunt with his grandfather at his small cabin near the lake in the Saguenay region.

28 years old, anglophone, born and living in Montreal.

She has been playing the hunting game with her mentor Paul for 4 years. They've actually never met in person (only virtually). She's never really been to the forest.

21 years old, francophone, born in the city of Roberval, Lac ST-Jean, he now lives in the city of Quebec.

Sébastien's father is the minister of national security thus he's very rarely there for his son and he always meets him virtually. Sébastien hates his father for that. He's a member of an anti-virtual organisation and he tries to find ways to get his father's attention.

30 years old, anglophone, born in Vancouver, BC, now living at the Valcartier Military base in Quebec City.

Aria is one of the military personel of the Ibisca Military Compound located in the Saguenay region near La Baie, she's the second in command.

48 years old, francophone, born in St-Felix d'otis in the Saguenay region, before the moratory, he was working as a hunter guide/tracker.

He tried numerous escapes from the city after the moratory was declared and now lives in a psychiatric institute under surveilance. He would do anything to escape the city.

23 years old , francophone, born and living in Gatineau.

Francine is one of the best sharpshooter in the net, she as won the highest virtual shooting tournament two years in a row using her brother's identity known as Red Lynx. She lives out of the hunting and shooting games on the web as a shooter for hire. She has never met any real people outside of her direct family.

N.B. Max and Gerard are secondary characters in Hunting Grounds 1, however, hey will be key characters in eventual sequels (sequels are already pre-planned), so they have to be auditionned as Principal Characters.


27 years old, francophone, born in Montreal, Expert hunter, he lives out of training soldiers in survival or guiding rich fellows in virtual safaris.


52 years old, francophone, born in Montreal, He is the defense sub-minister.




55 years old, francophone, Sébastien's father, born in Roberval and living in Ottawa. Conrad is the actual minister of national secrurity and he is head of the department of security's research and development. The Ibisca Military compound is under his direct jurisdiction. He follows with great interrest the development there. He tries his best to reinforce his bond with his son without success.


40 years old, anglophone, head of research at Ibisca. A brilliant yet impatient man, quite severe. He invented the formula behind the Koliome 85, a serum capable of regenerating human tissue tested at Ibisca.


45 years old, anglophone, commander of the Ibisca Military compound.


28 years old, anglophone, Third in command at Ibisca.


We need also a few other third caracters, a willing person to do a wherewolve and a lot of zombies!