Integration of Blender in our Workflow, PART2

Second post about Blender integration in Hunting Grounds. Here, the approach was completely different: We had created a real scale model of a armored troop transporter. The scale was somewhat little but workable. The unit had to fly, Hover and shoot from afar. As the scale was very small, it would not have been a good idea to try to animate the scale model, the canon was very little. Also, the door had to open while the transporter landed. As you can see, the scale of the original model was a little difficult to work with.

The transporter was was modelled in 3Dby X-Warrior (Jean-Sebastien Guillemette). As for the train, he gave us the raw model. this is what the model looks like:

Then, Laurent Charbonneau and I worked on the texturing of the model to match the scale model used in the film, once textured, the model looks like this:

A render in Blender, using the internal renderer, was done in 1920X1080 TGA files with Aplha channel in order to composite the shots in After Effects. Most of the shots where scaled down in the actual final composite

This is what the 3D transporter looks like in action (this is the first time we show this shot actually) (warning, not for the faint of heart, this might get a little bloody):

Eric Bilodeau

Link to part 1 of the Blender integration on Hunting Grounds