Integration of Blender in our Workflow

My name is Eric Bilodeau and I recently finished a Sci-Fi / Horror / Thriller feature film entitled Hunting Grounds.

The reason for my post is that we used Blender as our 3D program and I wanted to share with you guys how we integrated this wonderful software in our workflow.



A train (maglev) was entirely (and the train station as well) done in Blender, also a few VR(Virtual Reality) rooms. We also made a small model (a real life model) for a flying armed transporter and we re-created it in 3D for additionnal movements.

My first post will be covering the train station. I will give you details on how we put it up and of course some images :)

The train was the first thing that was done, it was modelled by X-Warrior (Jean-Sebastien Guillemette) who also designed the vehicle (wonderful design by the way). He then gave us the raw model. this is what the model looks like:

Then, Laurent Charbonneau did the train station interiors based loosely on the small Quebec City actual train station (I cannot post images of it here, they did let us take pictures but we where not given permission to show them...) and my instructions. This is what the initial model looks like:

I came in for the lighting and texturing of the models. I had Laurent create 3D luminaires that could also be seen:

Then, the overall light was established based on their position, I also added neon lights on the ceiling (as a DOP, I often use visible neons so I did the same in 3D).

I created a series of textures for the different columns and objects. I also made a very "raw" texture for the maglev because it had to look plastic and shiny so I didn't need to do weathering on it. This is part of the texture used:

Light and texture are the most important elements of a scene if you want a good-looking and realistic animation so we took the time to adjust everything to make it right. Laurent animated the train and I did the camera positions and animation. On the left are the "un-composited" Blender renders. The final animation was rendered in targa to be integrated with the green screen elements on After Effects, there are some images of the final rendered images to the right(the original shots are in HD 1080 so they are smaller than the original ones):


I will post another article on the use of a real-life model to create a 3D equivalent as we did with this transporter for our film:


Eric Bilodeau

Link to part 2 of Blender integration in Hunting Grounds